Panthers News · 2020-21 Parking Permits

Student parking permits will be sold to Seniors on August 5th and 6th from 8-10 am and from 12-2 pm. Juniors and any seniors who did not make it on the 5th and 6th may purchase their parking permits on August 7th and 10th from 8-10am and 12-2pm. The permits will be sold at the ticket booth in front of the Curtis Peterson Auditorium. Remaining spots can be purchased by juniors and seniors on August 17 and 18 from 8-10 am and 12-2 pm. Sophomores will be announced and sold at a later date.

The cost is 20.00.  Please go to the bottom of this post to download and print the required forms.    If you have previously had your parking permit you only need to return the completed parking application.

If this is the 1st time you are purchasing a parking permit you will need to complete the Teen Driving Challenge packet and HAVE IT NOTARIZED, have copies of your license, registration and insurance along with the Lecanto High School parking permit application.   We will not make copies at the school so please bring ALL forms and copies with you when you come to get your permit.

Students MUST have a 2.0 and have no outstanding financial obligations in order to obtain a parking permit.

Teen Driver Challenge form