Coed Varsity Senior Class · Financial Aid Information and CF Scholarships

This information is valuable to both juniors and seniors. There is a series of presentations online from the Office of Student Financial Assistance starting tonight (sorry for the late notice, just got the information today).

Online presentations featuring current college students, discussing what the process and college are truly like during a pandemic:

March 8, 6:30 PM Explore

March 9 6:30 PM Apply

March 10 6:30 PM Fund

March 11 6:300 PM GO!

Below is a link to access 2020-21 Financial Aid Overview.

Finally, here are some PDF copies of information on Financial Aid, Bright Futures and FAFSA Night. The last two items are for CF Scholarships.

2021-22 NyFF Financial Aid Quick Reference

Financial_Aid_Overview 20-21

Bright Futures Initial Eligibility 2020-2021



HS Scholarship Guidelines 2020-21 (002)